Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For people love cigar

From poker night to your daughter's rehearsal dinner, this folding ashtray has everything you need to enjoy a well-deserved cigar. 

It has stainless steel accents including a removable tray and holder. With a surgical steel blade cutter and a spring-loaded punch mechanism, there's an option for any shape or size of cigar you enjoy. 

Its folding design makes for easy travel or storage when not in use. 

Competition is good

Monday, September 29, 2014

Is America really for this Nutcracker?

Get your hands on the world's most unique nutcracker... 

It is a functional, plastic nutcracker with stainless steel teeth secured inside upper legs to grip and crack nuts in their shell. 

The Hillary Nutcracker will stand upright and has internal stainless steel components and spring. 

- See more at: http://uniigifts.com/hillary-clinton-nutcracker

Download your key from Cloud Key Holder

No need to create a storm looking for your key! 

The moment before you step out the door and you realise you have no idea where you left your keys is always a stressful one. 

The magnetic cloud key holder fixes to your wall and then suspends your keys from the bottom using 3 hidden magnets. 

Designed to look like falling rain once the keys are hanging. Brilliant as a fun gift or as a functional accessory for your hallway, the Cloud Keyholder is a lovely addition to any home. 

- See more at: http://uniigifts.com/cloud-keyholder

Saturday, September 27, 2014

They say time flies but now we know that it instead travels by bike

They say time flies but now we know that it instead travels by bike. 

If you'd like to enjoy some quality time, though, find someone special and park this novel design in a gift box just for them. They'll be moved. 


- See more at: http://uniigifts.com/metal-bicycle-table-clock