Thursday, October 30, 2014

Portable cude USB-powered humidifier - When and wherever you need it

Portable cude USB-powered humidifier - When and where you need it 

Indoor air can get especially dry in the cool months when heating systems are blowing and wicking moisture from the air. You can fel your nostrils drying out, your lips chapping. 

Float the whale Ultrasonic Humidifier in a glass of water, plug it in to the USB port, and wait for the moisture to waft your way. Ultrasonic waves create steam safely and noiselessly. It will automatic switch-off when water runs out. 

- Whale USB powered humidifier 
- Float it on a cup of water for hours of moisture 
- Program it with a touch 
- set it to run for 3 or 6 hours (sleep time) 

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